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Proudly Supporting Individuals with Autism and/or Intellectual Disabilities

Special Deliveries is an organization dedicated to creating vocational opportunities for individuals with Autism and/or Intellectual Disabilities.
We are committed to making sure all individuals employed have the resources and support they need in order to thrive.

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allergen conscious
frozen treats!

We know you want your family eating only the best treats, so we carry ice cream, popsicles, and more, all with special dietary needs in mind. Dairy or gluten free? No problem! Low calorie options? You bet! We keep a vast array of options available for you, because your families health matters!

frozen gourmet meals
for the family!

Looking for a delicious, allergen-conscious meal to have ready made for you to pop in the oven? We have partnered with EatFlavorly to bring you gourmet meals made fresh by a local culinary artist. And the best part? We keep a rotating menu, so you can always try something new!

ice cream, you scream

We know that having natural, allergen-friendly food options is important to you and your family. That’s why we carry a wide assortment of ice creams on board.

We carry Dairy-Free, Gluten-Free, & Low-Calorie options because we understand that choice matters.

Be sure to stop by the truck to see what ice cream flavors we’re carrying on our rotating menu!

meals On Board

Allergen-conscious · Delicious · Ready to eat in minutes.

We have partnered with EatFlavorly to bring you locally sourced gourmet meals made by real chefs. Stop by one of our community events to pick up some meals you and your family will love!

We are constantly updating our menu, the meals onboard change frequently. Every stop could bring you a new favorite meal!

Thank you for your continued support

You make it possible for us to create vocational opportunities for adults with Autism and/or Intellectual Disabilities. Your contribution means every truck stop is staffed by one of the amazing individuals you’re supporting as your truck host! 

Through us, you are also supporting several organizations local to The Woodlands, Texas. EatFlavorly and Special Deliveries have partnered up to deliver healthy, allergen-conscious dinners to communities in the surrounding area.

Special Deliveries also supports The NeighborBridge and its pursuit to build an integrated community where adults with Intellectual Disabilities can thrive.

We Proudly Support

“Because housing for individuals with Autism should not be a societal afterthought.”

The mission of The NeighborBridge is to develop and manage affordable, community integrated housing for individuals with Autism and/or Intellectual Disabilities.

The NeighborBridge is a 501c3 organization.

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